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Special Thanks

Special thanks to everyone involved with my operation and my on going recovery. If I have forgotten anyone here, you know who you are!

Thank You:

* Mama, Papa, Sister, Brother in law, My two nieces and especially my three year old niece, who always insisted on seeing her uncle every day, like the true soldier that she is (she never left my side,even in intensive care), thank you "gunner",(shane from south africa,who prayed for me with "gunner"and who both lit candle's for me,in the catholic church), Dazza and family, Sam, "Maria" who provided special support that only a woman can give..."Maria"you travelled very far every day just to see me, even when I was in intensive care and when I moved my arm for the very first time, you were there to give me support...
Thank you to all my brothers and sisters world wide,your support will never be forgotten...

* The english nurse that showed me for the very first time how to move my fingers (I will never ever forget this)

* Shannon Cheary (manager) and all the staff and volunteers in the day rehabilitation service team at the Daws Road General Repatriation Hospital and all the volunteer drivers for picking me up by car.

King Hadi - The Persian Legend: You made me laugh so much but please, next time try not to spray me with so much of your most expensive after shave as this really does make the girls go crazy!

* B.I.R.C.H.: Brain Injury Rehabilitation for the Community in the Home,a division of the Royal Adelaide Hospital

* Sports-Master Australia - Where I have been buying my martial arts equipment for the past 20 years (with no gimmicks) with not only the most effective training equipment on the market but made with good quality products and also for your superior professional service